Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Bike tours in the countryside and rice paddies in Jogjakarta

Cycling in the countryside while breathing in the fresh air of the countryside and enjoy community activities is a tourist village is becoming a trend at the moment. Cycling on the footpath along the rice field area while enjoying the expanse of verdant rice plants as well as occasionally interact directly with the farmers who were working at the Field is an unforgettable experience. Cycling while you work out in the farmland in Yogyakarta is now alternative adventure tours of interest. Agricultural tours such as the farmer who was plowing a rice field, rice harvest, planting, herding Buffalo or duck, a farmer who is looking for the grass, spotted a farmer ploughing rice paddies with water buffalo, cow or residents who pastured goats or ducks, birds that soft sand in the rice fields, the view in the ricefields, all that we can to see while cycling. We provide Tours of the Trans JavaBali bike tours for a route through the countryside and rice paddies With mountain bikes complete with a helmet as well as the experienced guides who will take you to enjoy indahny atmosphere of the countryside and rice paddies with cycling. You can also choose a rural route or fields to your liking. We can also provide alternatife biking routes of interest close to the hotel or your place of stay. More information on Bicycle tour packages in rural as well as the price of the package please contact:
JavaBali Trans Wisata