Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Merapi Volcano Tour Using Jeep

The amazing Adventure Tours in Merapi Mountain. Volcano Tour in Merapi Mountain using Jeep is the unforgettable tours for you. Merapi Lava Tour package with a Jeep adventure tours is currently the most interesting and attractive to both domestic and foreign tourists, tourists mupun. Many large companies use the lava in the volcano adventure tour package tour with this Jeep as the outbound media and refreshing its employees. The tourists are invited to enjoy the rest of the cold lava directly of the eruption of Mount merapi. Down the countryside and river melhat sand and boulders along the route of the lava tour. Lava tour package Tour with the vehicle jeep offroad tours are a very impressive and unforgettable. Tourist routes such as merapi's lava tour kali adem, Kaliurang, the museum of the tomb of merapi, mbah maridjan, Srunen village, watu alian, billowing harjo village, klangon, pentingsari, yellow and gendol time time. 
Price of Merapi Volcano tour Package $15/ pax. One Jeep for 4 person.  For those of you who are interested in adventure tourism or adventure tourism merapi lava tour by jeep can be contacted JavaBali Trans Wisata.