Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Traditional Village Tour Packages in Jogyakarta

Village tourism Activity currently being the favorite tourism especially for establishments or companies or Establishments of education. Natural village activities such as planting rice, learning batik, studied gamelan traditional Javanese music, plowing, bathing buffaloes, duck herding, learn to make traditional foods, as well as the traditional game is an activity of the villagers are very long for the tourists. In the village of the tourist can interact directly with the local population, following the events in the village. A lovely, fresh, cool and quiet away from noise, pollution, and traffic congestion is a longing for the solo domestic and abroad. Harmony and hospitality villagers always greets tourists in attendance. Traditional food's natural away from preservatives can be found in the village. Tourists can follow the activities of residents in villages such as: plowing, learning batik, gamelan, planting rice, making crafts and activities from other plantations janur.
JavaBali Trans Wisata as a provider of specialized serve cycling tours and village tours package in Jogjakarta offers some interesting countryside tour package for you. As for the packages that we offer are:
• Learning making batik Package costs $10/pax
• Studied Gamelan Package Costs $ 8,-/ pax
• Agricultural Package: Plowing and Planting of rice Costs 15/pax
• Package tours Cycling round the village of $ 15 /bicycle
• Traditional Eat and Snack $ 10/pax
• Bonus's craft from janur like making puppet, gunungan ketupat, grocery etc.
More Info Contact:
No Hp: 08156868141
NB: Costs may change over time.