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Amazing Cycling Tour Package with Fun Games To Company or Agency

Cycling Tour Package Amazing is actually an Outbound activity but packaged in the form of activity or Cycling Cycling with Fun Games for cycling. This activity is particularly interesting because the participants are invited to enjoy an attractive natural route to cycling and held each specific post Fun Games that do not get bored. Different from outbound generally give participants in the game in a certain place with the same atmosphere so impressed bored. Amazing Fun Games Cycling Program is unbelievably fit for employees of a company or institution for the formation of qualified human resources. And the package is also very suitable for school students as forming character or character building.
We designed the program Amazing Cycling Tour with Fun Game with exciting events and edutainment. The program proved to be capable of forming intimacy, togetherness, team work and effective communication. In a matter of time, the dynamics of the group that made the participants will build. At the end of the event, all participants will explain the entire process has been gone through as a life lesson, how the process of becoming a leader, what to pass, how to prepare mentally as well as the ability to build extremely dynamic mass
Amazing Program Approach Cycling Tour with Fun Games, made ​​through:
1. Experiential Learning Approach
A learning process is characterized Learning by Doing. In this case an active participant in open Nature as a medium of learning that involves physical, emotional, and intellectual that directly stimulates the process of understanding themselves and others, and can absorb and develop positive paradigm.
2. Quantum Learning
That is, method of learning which is characterized by the participation of two directions, following the game with happy (enjoy), the challenges (challenge), stimulate democratic element, the opportunity to express their opinions, and apart from the routine.
3. Participatory Approach
The games are interactive and participatory. So there is no impression forced to go through the learning process. The above methods when combined with the method of observation and Processing (Debrief), and Discussion
Amazing Benefits Program Cycling Tour with Fun Games
1. Have a positive attitude so as to eliminate personal and interpersonal block block.
2. Increase family togetherness and silaturrahmi. Participants would be wise to see the potential.
3. Participants will develop a sense of confidence in themselves and to the co-workers in a team.
4. Increasing empathy
5. Participants can better understand the true meaning of partnership.
6. Participants will get a fresh both physically and spiritually.
Material Events
1. Welcoming Program
At the beginning of the session the participants will be given an overview of outbound destination leadership.
2. Ice Breaking
Activity of these are given to eliminate personal barriers that usually appear between the participants. If the personal barriers can be eliminated the next activity will be the group dynamics are interesting and impressive.
3. Building Trust & Self Confidence
These activities will foster mutual trust and confidence among members in a team.
4. Team building & Family
Participants will have a direct influence on the change of mindset, work processes and the work of each trainee. The material is very challenging and can give a positive impression to each participant in the training. Besides this material also helps participants to explore the potential in each of them.
5. Teamwork Challenge / Family
An understanding of major mental attitude that must be owned by someone either in the workplace, family and community
Methods Program
This activity is carried out by using a variety of methods so as to avoid burnout and boredom for trainees.
  •   Challenge simulation game
  •   Fun and fresh game inspirative
The program will be guided by professional trainers and facilitators who are experienced in the management of indoor / outdoor training, in the form of transfer of attitude, knowledge and skills. Where any activity carried sensors hone their intellectual, emotional and spiritual
Time / Schedule
The event was held with two alternatives for 1 day (8 hours effective).
Event location by mutual agreement a representative and
support these activities. Schedule Attached.
Here's an example of Program Fun Game For The Company or Agency packed with cycling or Cycling Tour.
Time (GMT)
? Program
6:00 to 7:00 Departure from the hotel towards the start location (Kaliurang viewing post)
07:00 to 7:30 Opening and Ice Breaking (facilitator explains the purpose, benefits and rules, routes cycling tour)
07:30 to 08:15 Biking in the Region Kaliurang - Cycling Boyong Hanging Bridge-Museum Merapi-Fun Games Game I (Fun game Mass Creativity)
8:15 to 8:45 Cycling on Continue to Turi Agro Tourism? (Fun Game II Laadership)
8:45 to 9:30 Cycling continues towards tourism village and Srowulan Banyusumilir mass-Fun Game III (Fun game Mass Team Work / Team Building)-break snack
9:30 to 10:30 Countryside Cycling and Rice Field Ground diselatan
10:30 to 12:00 ? Finish at Eating For Rest and Lunch-(Closing and Conclusion Fun Game by wizard)
12:00-........ Program Done ..... SAYOONAARAAAAA .....

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