Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Cycling in Rural Tourism Village Tembi, Manding, Kasongan, Imogiri Parangtritis Bantul

Package tours rural cycling routes and rice is an exciting adventure and memorable. One of the cycling routes in rural and exotic rice field is the route to the try-tourism village tourism village Kasongan Tembi or Tembi Cultural House Tembi through rice fields south of the village and visiting the tourist village of Manding leather handicraft centers.? Bantul cycling routes that are not less interesting? Was cycling start began at the Tomb of King Imogiri yard, then through rice fields to the village-type kalibuntung then continued cycling along rural Imogiri. During cycling along Rice fields and countryside Bantul we encounter the farmers disawah activities such as plowing fields, harvesting rice, farmers washing his  buffalo or duck, bird bagau, see the expanse of yellow rice with a background of hills stretching from the mountains to the coast of the South Parangtritis. We can meet for cycling friendliness of its people, watching exotic village was left to the market, we can also see the suspension bridge that divide opaque rivers and streams Oyo. After that cycling continues along the edge of time with opaque with views of green hills along the beach of Parangtritis, then a short break on the river bank with an opaque background Kretek bridge crossing over the river and traveling cycling tour Opak us till Parangtritis or Depok Beach. Here we can enjoy the sand dunes and beach breeze. We also can enjoy the market with a variety of restaurants with the main menu of fish.? For those of you who are interested in cycling route along the rice field and Rural Imogiri-Tembi Cultural House, Kasongan tourist village, the village of Manding kalibuntung tourist villages, and finish in Parangtritis beach, we JavaBali trans cycling tours offer tour packages Tour Imogiri-Parangtritis. Please contact:
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