Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Fun Cycling Trip in Countryside and Rice Field in Yogyakarta

Holidays Countryside Cycling and Rice fields in Jogja is currently a favorite tourist alternative to fill a long vacation or a long weekend you. For those of you who love cycling around around near paddy fields or the fresh country air is very exciting for abolishing fatigue and burnout after a week of working with all the pressure on the face. Travelers who fills a long holiday in Yogyakarta had only classic tour packages that visit Prambanan, Borobudur temple, and city tours like visiting Kraton and Kotagedhe. Actually Jogjakarta has a lot of point in Rice Field and Countryside cycling an appealing alternative to be made to fill your long vacation. Trans JavaBali Tourism as a Specialist Service Provider or rental Bicycle rental Bicycle and cycling tour packages in Yogyakarta are providing Tour Packages Countryside Cycling and Rice Field. Here are some cycling tour package we offer to fill your holiday:
  • Rice Field Area Cycling Imogiri Bantul (start Tomb Kings Beach Imogiri finish Parangtritis)
  • Cycling in Rice Field and Plantation Area Pondoh turi
  • Rice Field Area Cycling Mataram ditch
  • Cycling in Rural Kaliurang, banyu Sumilir
  • Cycling in the village of Tourism (Important essence, Banyusumilir, Kebon Agung, Karangasri, ledoksambi)
  • Countryside Cycling around Borobudur and Prambanan
  • Countryside Cycling Lean Chess (Start Sambisari, kadisoko Fishing, fish markets, temples Gebang, Dam Pond Spring Village Boyo finish Sari)
  • Countryside Cycling Cebongan (Craft Village ketinganBurung bamboo and crane)
  • Cycling in Rice Field Godean
If you stay at the hotel or in the area north of Jogja example Hyatt hotel, in-laws house, or a hotel that is on all road or street War the Kaliurang, we also provide cycling routes nearby, or where you stay.
For those of you who want to fill a long weekend and want to enjoy the beautiful countryside with fields and cycling tour please contact:
Trans JavaBali Tourism
Contact Person: Mas Minto
Tel: 08156868141