Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Lava Tour Package, Cycling Tours and Exotic village Trip in Jogjakarta


Merapi Lava Tour Package with American Jeep Willys, Cycling in the fields and Rural Tourism is travel and adventure tervaforit most popular tourist today. This package is perfect for filling a long vacation. As rural tourism is perfect for a family vacation travel packages, packages Merapi lava tour by jeep is perfect for adventure tourism company employees or family. Cycling in the countryside or in the rice very favorite by company employees. Here are details of the program package Merapi lava Tour-Cycling in Rice Field and Rural Village-and tours.

It starts with the program package Merapi lava tour by Jeep willys classic route along with the rest of eruption at Merapi cold lava: Opak, Stone Alien, Kali Gendol, Hamlet Kaliadem, Cover Material Kaliadem Merapi eruption, in the village of Pasir Gumuk Petung, Tomb Bulk Merapi Victims.
Tour followed by Cycling Tours along the route: Start at the substation in the area of ​​View-Way Ground-suspension bridge Boyong - Merapi Museum (photo images)-along the paddy fields and rural southern village of Kaliurang-ledoksambi-Kalikuning (photos) - village Pentingsari.
Package tour ends in the tourist village with rural activities such as practicing gamelan, batik, plowing, duck fishing, making crafts, plowing or planting rice, plantation activities, and so on.
Following detailed itinerary Jeep package Lava Tour Merapi - Cycling tours-Village tours
Time (GMT)
6:00 to 7:00 Departure from Hotel Towards Ground
7:30 to 9:30 Lava Tour with Classic Jeep? willys with a route down the rest of eruption at Merapi cold lava: Opak? Stones Alien? Kali Gendol? Hamlet Kaliadem? Cover Material Merapi eruption Kaliadem? Gumuk Sand village Petung? Tomb Bulk Merapi Victims.
9:30 to 9:45 Rest and Preparation Cycling Toward Rural Tourism
09:45 to 12:30 Cycling Tours route down: Walk-Ground Regions Merapi Museum (photo images)-Kali Gendol-down paddy fields and villages south Kaliurang-Village-Bridge ledoksambi Kalikuning (photos) - Village Tourism
12:30 to 13:30 Lunch Break (menu Rural)
13:30 to 16:00 Exercise Gamelan and Craft Making, Batik
16:00 Program completion sayonara .............

  • Jeep vehicle and its driver as well as his guide
  • Bike
  • Sweeper Car and bike transportation services
  • Bike Route Guide
  • Eating 1x, 2x snack (rustic menu)
  • Mineral Water
  • The tour in the countryside
  • Learning Gamelan
  • Learning Batik its material
  • Making Crafts from coconut
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