Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Sunset Merapi Volcano Trip Package, Village Trip and Cycling Tour

Merapi Volcano Trip using American Jeep Calssic, Package rural tourism and outbound is currently a trend in Jogja tour. We packed into three packages exclusive tour packages. Starting with tourists enjoying Merapi lava tour escorted by a jeep that enjoy the beauty or leftover cold lava lava eruption trim with all-terrain and challenging obstacles. The beauty Kaligendol times cool and villages were hit by lava trim we can see directly the classic Jeep Willis. Having offered a lava adventure with jeep tour, visitors immediately went cycling along the beautiful tourist area Kaliurang, along the countryside, visiting museums trim through village lane route. Having fun in the museum photographed can melajutkan cycling along paddy fields utbound location on the edge of the yellow times and times Pawon. After cycling travelers taking a break before doing a variety of game activities outbound guided by an experienced and professional instructors. A wide range of games that can be performed at the location on the banks of the Kali river shaded yellow and Pawon times are tipped at Mount Merapi. You can also do a wide range of rural activities such as batik, gamelan, plowing, planting rice, fishing, learn to make traditional foods and even available homestay village. Hopefully this can brmanfaat Exclusive package for you for further information, please contact:
Trans Javabali Tourism
Cp: ​​MasMinto
Hp: 08156868141