Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Prambanan Cycling Tours - Village trip Near Prambanan Temple

Cycling tours in the countryside and surrounding rice fields of Prambanan Temple is one of the favored tourist mainly to fill the holiday Idul fitri or family vacation. Prambanan Cycling tour route starts from the pages of Sambisari Temple and then via Southern fields to the mataram ditch toward the temple. Pedaling a bicycle along the Mataram ditch while looking at the activity of the farmers who were cultivating their fields. We could see farmers planting rice, plowing fields, farmers looking for grass, and see farmers tending their goats or ducks. In addition we see also countryside or fish ponds, see candi sari prambanan Temple. In addition we also pass fields to route the countryside surrounding prambanan Temple saw some stone craftsmen. After 2 hours  traveled by bicycle came in the finish  at Plaosan temple. Cycling along the paddy fields and the countryside around ancient temples while looking at the activities of residents or farmers in fields such as plowing fields, rice planting, harvesting rice,  or farmers who are looking for craftsman grass and Stone Temple is an unforgettable experience. Info about biking tours in Prambanan Temple can contact JavaBali Trans Wisata, Cp: MasMinto, Phone: 08156868141, Pin: 32D729A9