Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

River Tubing and Rice Field Cycling Tours

Have you ever invited amazing adventure tour memorable and unforgettable? We offer cycling tours in the countryside and rice paddies and then proceed with the tour in the river tubing ride with tires. Faced in the tourist cycling in imogiri, bantul, i.e. riding a bicycle in the rice field area witnessed firsthand the activities such as farmers plant rice, plowing fields, farmers harvesting rice, weeding out the grass and see farmers tending their goats are very memorable adventure excursions. After cycling a little over a half an hour you will be invited to river tubing down the river suspension bridge Oya imogiri. When cycling we will see the amazing natural river they can be great views with a terrace-like hills in Bali siring at Imogiri and the white gravel river with Oya. Similarly, when in the clear waters of the River with the river we can see rice fields, rolling hills and the suspension bridge that stretches along the river Oya imogiri bantul. After doing activities with the rest of our river tubing tasting young coconut. Travel can be continued towards Parang Tritis Beach or Depok Beach to see the sunset there. Contact Person tour package River Tubing River suspension bridge Oya Imogiri and Cycling Tour or cycle tours in the countryside of Imogiri, Bantul, please contact: JavaBali Trans Wisata, Cp: MasMinto, Phone: 08156868141, Pin: 32D729A9