Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Village Live in Program For Educational Tours

Tourism packages of education or educational tours for school students or students currently indispensable to provide the learning in practice and real, so the students or students not only learn in theory. One form of educational tours that we offer is the Program Live In the village. The Program Live In the village for students and school students, could also be an economic Populist self-reliance. With the Program Live In the village of participants will be invited to get used to living like ordinary villagers live simply, work hard, upholds honesty, mutual, please help, care for each other and the environment, emphasis on togetherness. Students and students can learn independent living by doing activities such as learning the villagers farming, gardening, raising, cultivate rice paddies, making handicrafts for sale, trade, traditional market, keep the fish, cooking traditional dishes, traditional food made for sale to make, such as making chips, and make the dodol. They can also learn to care with social and societal like  clean n means of mutual and public facilities such as public facilities, sweeping streets, clean a place of worship and build public facilities. For Example the package Program schedule Live In at the tourist village. detail info Please contact:
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