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Sunrise Merapi Mt Volcano Tour and Rice field Cycling Around Prambanan Temple

Get the amazing trip with wonderful adventure Sunrise Merapi Volcano Tour and Rice field Cycling Tour Around Prambanan Temple. Sunrise Merapi Mt. using American Jeep willys with unforgettable activity. Adventure Tour Packages Sunrise lava Merapi Merapi Volcano Sunrise Tour or Tour currently the most popular tourist and become a trend . Sunrise Lava Tour Merapi tour is perfect for the holidays or a family outing or Program Being Gathering Company . The beauty and grandeur of the summit of Mount Merapi in the morning we can see directly . Departing from the tourist area of ​​Route Sunrise Kaliurang Jogja Merapi began . In order to get a view of the sun was rising should Departing from Ground Most Slow Jam 4 am , after climbing from the Ground Jeep Willys Classical straight trip to the Kali Adem where the location is very close to the peak of Merapi Just 3 Km from the summit . Sunrise adventure tour packages Merapi lava tour as an alternative to activities outing or gathering company employees more exciting and challenging , and memorable . Sunrise Merapi Lava Tour package is a package of interest in jogja . The peak is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi, exactly 3 kilometers from the peak of Merapi Tourists invited to see and enjoy the beautiful sunrise . Fresh air is still cool , we can see the greatness of God's creation so perfect . From here we waited for the sun rises , while waiting we could drink tea or warm coffee to keep warm because the weather is very cold slopes of Merapi . Slowly but surely we can see the beautiful sun that slowly rises preceded with a light sheen yelow reddish tinge . This is the most awaited moment of the tourists must immediately take the photo this sunrise moment premises taking pictures as much , because it is only a short moment . Enjoy the beauty of Sunrise Merapi after the Jeep offroad trip we proceed with lava tour ever visited the area affected by the enormity of the eruption of Merapi , especially in the year 2010 . Places to be visited are Kaliadem Banker , Gendol River that was once the main route leading to cold lava Jogja , Soga tree through the forest to the village of Jambu see sand and rocks here we will see huge rocks resemble a human face people often called " Stone Alien " . After we headed out of the village of Jambu village where the village Petung most devastated by the blast of hot clouds trim . Petung tourist village is also known as cow milk production centers and production centers Merapi 's famous coffee . Petung village we will visit the Museum Mini " the rest of my possessions " that houses the museum duijadikan brisi all equipment affected by domestic hot clouds trim . Petung villages along we could stop by to see the cattle breeders and not to miss stopping at Merapi Village Coffee shop to sample steadiness Coffee petung Merapi . After a short break at the coffee shop to the time we continue the journey through the Yellow with a mass grave of victims of Mount Merapi eruption . after playing in the water with Kalikuning wilys jeep journey 's end toward Kaliurang tourist area .

Tour can be continued after the break with tours Countryside Cycling and rice fields in the Southern Ground with the down , cool and visit some tourist attractions in the area such as Sentry Kaliurang Kaliurang of view , garden Kaliurang , Ulen Sentalu Museum , Museum Gunug Fire , Hanging Bridges times Boyong , Plantation area Pondoh turi bark , and rice fields around the grip .Tourism cycling route is very much the choice  example:  Prambanan Temple cycling Tours around rice field is very attractive to foreign tourists . After implementing sunrise Merapi lava tour resumed cycling in the countryside and then proceed to the rice fields in the village funGame outbound tours. Or it could be followed by the rural tourism such as batik , plowing , planting rice , Gamelan rehearsal or river edge .

Below Itinerary Of The Tour :

Sunrise Merapi MT Volcano Tour- Prambanan Rice Field Cycling Tour
Time (GMT)
journey from hotel to the Kaliurang Resort
Sunrise Merapi Lava Tour with American jeep willys clasik down the affected area with the Merapi eruption pyroclastic Route: Start at Kaliurang-Kali-Yellow-Village Petung Djambu-sand trim in Kali-Kali-Kali Adem Gendol see the bunker 3 km from the peak of Merapi Merapi victims of mass-grave-museum-Finish the rest of my possessions in Ground
Break, Breakfast, Preparation cycling
Cycling Tours route down: Roads in Area Tourism Ground-Museum-Merapi suspension bridge -Along the paddy fields and villages south Kaliurang-Down Turi Salak area - Rice Field - in the village-Rice Field Travel Around Pakem-Rice Field around the temple Plaosan-Finish at Prambanan
Program continued to Prambanan Tour