Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

Borobudur Village Cycling Tours Packages

Borobudur  Village Cycling Tours is Fun Cycling Packages to enjoy ride the bike in Borobudur local village of Candirejo, Nglipoh, Tuksongo, and Wanurejo village  to see the villager activity such as Batik training, handcraft training and visitor can see farmer activity such as rice planting, rice plowing, washing cows. We provide Mountain bike or traditional bike to enjoy rice field . We available professional guide to take you enjoy amazing borobudur village.  You can see the amazing and beautiful  of Borobudur photo  collection in this page . Detail Borobudur  ethnic Village cycling tours you can  contact Jogja Cycling Tours:  08156868141 / mintorisano[at]