Senin, 15 September 2014

Indrayanti Beach Cycling Tours Package - Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

The tourist area of Indrayanti Beach, Sundak Beach, Krakal, drini Beach, and Kukup beach is a tourist beach in the favorite in the challenging interest by tourists. In addition to its excellent exotic routes paths to the beach are the beach is fabulous, the left-right in surrounding with the rock and limestone hills. Because of the distance between the parlors only average 2 miles then the most fun to enjoy the beach with cycling. Biking routes on Indrayanti Beach to kukup beach is very interesting. Package tour cycling on the beach at the Beach starting from Indraynti and then passed his left-right lines consist of rice and Rock Hill participants to Sundak beach. In the Sundak beach we get to enjoy the beach with white sand and the sea waves, here the participants can take pictures. After of Sundak Beach cycling tour along the beach and Drini by passing a little too derivative and interrupted between lime and rock Hill is great. Beautiful scenery can be enjoyed along the Indrayanti coastal route to Kukup. After passing along the coast, and Drini Beach, atu Kodok Beach continue to Krakal beach. Krakal beach is a nice beach with in provide some fish monument monument and gazebo. Very wide beaches with white sand. This beach is perfect for resting after a tired of cycling. When the number of participants in many bicycle Krakal beach can also implement outbound on the edge of the beach. After of travel Krakal continue towards Kukup. For those interested in sightseeing Route by Bike Indrayanti beach-long beach, Sundak Beach, krakal Beach and Kukup Beach, please contactJogja Cycling Tours