Minggu, 05 Oktober 2014

Kaliadem Merapi Mt Cycling Tours To The Prambanan Temple

Bicycle routes of Kaliadem Merapi to Prambanan Temple is one of the bicycle routes which are attractive to tourists. This route starts from Kaliadem maybe about 5 km from the top of Merapi mt. The start Point of the first track or a kilometer biking routes are indeed a little bit steep decline this as an exercise to train the concentration. After running 1kilometer track bike kaliadem have started flat and slightly decreased and most passes through the middle of the rice fields and villages. The route crossed to get to the Prambanan Temple is very interesting: Rice fields with the spread of rice plant, housing refugees merapi victims selter, fishery ponds, villages, tobacco plantations, stopped at Plaosan Temple. Along the journey of cycling we will able to see directly the activities of farmers planting rice like herding goats, gardening, plowing a rice field farmer, and farmer looking for grass. Kaliadem Cycling Tours packge can be done by anyone the requirement of origin could be cycling because the route was is cross country route. For those interested in sightseeing adventures in Kaliadem Merapi with cycling please contact JavaBali Trans Wisata Provider  Cycling Tours Package in Yogyakarta.