Jogjacycling Tours is a Tour and travel company which especially provides Cycling Tours, Bicycle rent Service, Bike Vacations  and Villages Tours Activity Package in Yogyakarta. Traveler can enjoy and feel amazing adventure village activities  such as: Cycling in villages and trekking in paddy fields, Javanese Music (Gamelan)training, traditional Javanese dance, cycling tours using traditional Javanese bicycle, Bicycle rent service, Lava Tours in Merapi mountain, batik painting, visiting traditional market and local culinary, rafting, Fishing, cave tubing, planting rice, washing cow, and traditional cooking class. Available the exclusive villages Tours package using bicycle ride around Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, and  Ratu Boko Temple.

Below special Jogjakarta Cycling Tours Package:
  1. Prambanan temple Cycling Tours Package
  2. Borobudur Temple Cycling Tours Package
  3. Cycling Tours in Traditional Villages
  4. Cycling Tours Using traditional Classic Bicycle 
  5. Village Tours Activity
  6. Village Live In Program 
  7. Mt. Merapi Sunrise Volcano Tours
  8. Rice Field Cycling Tours Around Prambanan and Borobudur Temple
  9. Beach Cycling Tours
  10. Selokan Mataram  (Old Irrigation Canal ) Cycling Tours
  11. Imogiri Heritage cycling tours
  12. Sultan Palace Cycling Tours
  13. Kaliurang Cycling Tours
  14. Agrotourism Cycling Tours
  15. Fun Biking City Tours 
  16. Paddi's Field Cycling Tours
Find the unforgettable moment  in Your life with beautiful nature, unique traditions, culture, and local community in Yogyakarta.
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